Making The Management of Risk in Your Business Manageable

At Mainstay, we commit our expertise to deliver our clients with a portfolio of covers that offer not only great value, but also the necessary scope for the long-term.

A fundamental part of our process is an assessment of your business to understand all the associated risks. We wouldn’t be able to provide you with the appropriate cover without this information.

We evaluate the risks that have the potential to adversely affect your business, and use that knowledge as the basis to identify the exposures and how best to manage those risks.  The level and range of hazards to your business, whether they be physical, financial or your people, will fundamentally impact your insurance spend and the efficacy of what you buy.

So, it goes without saying that having an effective Risk Management plan which includes top to bottom health and safety cover is key to the success of your business.  If we find any exposure that isn’t insurable we will work with you to find a means of limiting or eradicating that exposure.

many years in the insurance business, working with a wide range of clients and sectors, we found that what was often missing was a robust Risk Management system.  So, we set about developing one that is fully online and constantly updated with the latest legislation and resources.


  • Health & Safety
  • Environmental
  • Employment Law
  • Business Continuity

For each of these areas, you’ll find a wealth of templates and resources to use within your business. Think of the Mainstay RMS as your safety net; your one-stop portal.

In addition to all this, the site also offers a selection of free E-Learning courses for you and your staff and further access to the Virtual College.

Mainstay RMS will assist you in identifying the risks that your business faces via our compliance checklist, and help to put in place measures that can help prevent them.  The site also gives you direct access to qualified Health & Safety Consultants and Employment Law specialists via “Ask the Expert”, should you require further advice and assistance.

Mainstay also offers tailored risk management solutions specific to the needs of our clients via our experienced partner Compass Risk Management.

The range of risk management services include:

  • Health and Safety – site inspections, audits, reviews, planning and management
  • Accident investigations
  • Fire risk assessment, safety management and fire safety training
  • Procedure and policy statements
  • Occupational Health management
  • Medical safety tests
  • Food hygiene and safety
  • Environmental risk assessment and management
  • IOSH accredited training
  • Design and delivery of bespoke training programmes

Please call us today to discuss reducing or eliminating risk wherever possible, and ultimately minimise your exposure to claims.  We can then identify which risk management solution suits your company’s needs.

Could this help your business?

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